Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Little Flower Pot Goes a Long Way

My kids love to do have little "jobs". Each year, they decorate a little flower pot and plant a seed or two and then have the job of taking care of their own plant. They keep them in their rooms and are very excited when something starts growing. They take their "job" very seriously and I find them in checking on their plants and even talking to them! This year, after planting his, my 5 year old son went off to play for a while and kept stopping back to check on the status of his flower. He wanted to see if it had started growing yet!

What you need:
Any sized terra cotta flower pot (we've used a variety of sizes, but this year went with the teeny, tiny, eensy-weensy sized ones!)
Paint markers
Potting Soil
Flower seeds


Let the kids decorate the pots with the paint markers. We usually avoid coloring on the inside, as I don't know if the paint will affect the growth of the flowers, however, you'll see in the photo above that my son didn't listen to me and still went ahead and snuck some color on the inside of the pot. So far, the flower is growing without incident.

Fill the pot with some dirt and let the kids use their finger to poke a hole in the center of the dirt.

Place 1-2 seeds in the soil and lightly cover.

Water as needed, making sure the soil doesn't dry out.

Once your zone is ready for outdoor planting, you can move the flowers outside or even transplant them into the ground.

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