Sunday, April 26, 2009

Team Daniel

Thank you to all that contributed to Team Daniel this year. Our goal was $1500 and we currently are at $2008 $2108 $2183 Wow!

Today was our official Walk-Day, however, rain, thunder and lightning rudely interrupted our festivities and we were not able to complete the actual walk at the March of Dimes walk-site. We're feeling a little defeated, as we've walked in rain, snow, sleet, sun... you name it... and never have had to cancel. This year was the first year there was actual lightning and thunder, leading to unsafe circumstances (especially to walk around a lake... with many trees.... and a metal wheelchair!).

However, we stayed with tradition and still went out to eat afterwards! My mom was feeling so guilty that we didn't get to actually walk that she went home and walked on her treadmill for the distance that the walk would have been, while wearing her Team Daniel gear! That's dedication! ( and now has me thinking that I had better get walking here at home, myself!)

Thank you again for your generosity!

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