Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Frosted Sugar Cookies

clockwise: My niece Megan, my neice Lauren, my neice Delaney, my daughter Emily, my son Nathan, my nephew Cameron, my nephew Landon and my nephew Daniel

Here is this years photo of our annual Frosting of the Christmas Sugar Cookies! The original post and recipe can be found here on my blog. They are the best sugar cookie you will ever eat!

Between my sisters and my mom and I, we have tens of dozens of cookies (in fact, I have about 10 dozen myself!) and we get together with all of the children on an afternoon just before Christmas and have a Frosting Party! What a neat tradition that I remember doing as a child and now our children will also remember doing!


Jenarm said...

I remember going into your freezer in the basement of your parents house and getting out the ice cream bucket and eating your sugar cookies ;) Those are the best cookies...especially when they are cold.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny ... I always wondered why I didn't have any frosted sugar cookies left when Christmas day came around! ... glad you enjoyed them .. and I have to confess, as a kid I used to eat my Mom's frozen right out of the freezer also ...

Kathie (Michele's Mom)