Monday, July 16, 2012

DIY Bike Tube

I have no idea what to call this?  It's not a basket (especially since it's going on a boys bike; call me sexist).  It's a little compartment for boys to keep crap in while riding on their bike or scooter.  Should I call it a Bike Crap Holder?  A Crap Compartment?  A Crap Tube?  Tube-o-Crap?

Either way, I think it's brilliant.  My son is crap keeper.  He will stop in the middle of a store and pick up a tiny little end of a hanger and think he struck gold.  He will find a rubber band (broken ones or not) and shove that into his pocket.  He'll keep rocks, pop tabs, bottle caps, twist ties, pieces of broken cement.... you name it!  Anything crap he finds~ ends up in his pocket.   I usually have to sneak in his room and empty the pockets of the clothes in his hamper and sneak crap out of them to throw away.   Or sometimes I realize I forgot to empty them when I hear the unmistakable sound of a rock from Menards parking lot going around and around in the dryer.  Did I ever share the story of how I was sure we had a mouse in the duct work going out from the dryer?  It turned out to be Battleship game pieces.  We don't even have the game Battleship.

I just realized this Crap Keeper Tube is just enabling him.  Well, so long as it stays out of my dryer, I'm happy.  He can now collect crap all day long and put it safely inside of this tube and transfer it home (or to someone else's home?).

Back to business:  it's an empty Pringles tube!  So easy!  All we did was spray painted the washed out tube and then used tape to decorate it (you could skip the painting part if you have cool duct tape!)  2 tie-straps worked perfectly to fasten it tightly to the bike and it's set!  

Keep the lid so you can secure your items inside!

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