Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Colored Sand Collage

This idea is from Family Fun magazine. It was pretty fun for the kids to do, but messy on bare feet!

What you need:

Construction paper
Clear contact paper
Colored sand

What you do:

1. Use a scissors to create a frame by cutting out the center of the card stock, leaving a border, as thick as you'd like.

2. Trim the Con-Tact paper so that it's slightly smaller than the frame, then set the Con-Tact paper face down and peel off the backing. Carefully lay the frame over the sticky surface and press it in place.

3. Using the sand, one color at a time, decorate your collage.

*The instructions at Family Fun called for pouring the sand into empty salt shakers, but I just poured it into bowls and let the kids take pinches of sand and sprinkle it where they wanted. It worked just as well, if not better. You could always just save empty spice containers if you want a shaker for the sand.

4. Dump off the extra sand as it fills the space. When it's done, set a piece of clear Con-Tact paper over the front to help preserve the design. (I actually placed a blank piece of white paper over the design before placing the second piece of contact paper on it.

**I got my colored sand at JoAnn ETC for $5.99 (but even less if you have a 40% off coupon!) and wouldn't you know it, today at Target- I saw bags of colored sand in their dollar bins. Of course, I bought more to have on hand. ;)

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la tribu' said...

I will do this work with my children, they will appreciate it! Elga