Sunday, June 8, 2008

Seed Shapes

We grew some alfalfa from seeds without using any dirt. It's great for adding to salads-- it has sort of a sweet pea taste. The kids didn't care about eating it, but loved growing it.

What you need:

Paper towels
A plate
Cookie Cutters
A bowl of water
Cress or Alfalfa seeds

What you do:

1. Pile 10 paper towels onto a large flat plate or a plastic tray.

2. Using a spoon, put water on the paper towels until they are soaking wet.

3. Lay some cookie cutters on the towels and spread them out.

4. Carefully sprinkle lots of cress or alfalfa into each shape.

5. Spread the seeds to fill each shape. Hold the cutter as you do it.

6. Lift the cutters off the towel. Put the plate in a light place (but not directly in front of a window).

7. Using a spoon, water around the seeds carefully every day. Don't put water on the seeds.

8. When the plants are as long as your little finger, you can cut them and eat them.

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