Monday, April 27, 2009

Gift Bags Made From Envelopes

I may never buy a little gift bag again- what a perfect idea for when you are in a pinch and don't have time to run to the store (and don't have any small gift bags in your recycled stash!). These are so easy to make and you can use white envelopes, colored envelopes, even USED envelopes (just reseal with glue). Any sized envelope will do; the bigger the envelope, the bigger the gift bag. You can decorate the envelope with stamps or markers or just leave it plain and use a pretty bow for the pizazz. These would make great May Day baskets! Just stick some flowers or treats inside and secretly hang on the door handle of a friend.

What you need:

An envelope
Scissors (decorative or plain)
Double sided tape
Ribbon and a paper punch(optional)

What you do:

1. Seal the envelope.

2. Cut off one end of the envelope. I also used a paper punch to punch some decorative holes into the top of one.

3. Fold one side in toward the center (maybe about an inch or slightly less). Do the same with the other side, then fold the bottom up by the same amount, making creases in the paper.

4. Put the bag over one hand. Use your other hand to shape a flat bottom for your bag, pushing the bottom center crease downward, causing the side folds to buckle out. Crease the corners of the bottom into triangles.

5. Use a bit of double-sided tape to stick the corner triangle flaps to the bottom of the bag.

6. Reverse the folds along the sides of the bag to give it shape.

7. If you like, punch holes and thread ribbon through for a handle. If you choose not to add a handle, it will still look cute just standing open! Or you can fold it down and staple it closed.

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Emily said...

These are adorable! This would make a great craft project for young children as well.