Monday, June 1, 2009

Easy, Inexpensive Floral Centerpiece

Today my grandma turns 90. Wow... 90 years old. Imagine the things that she has seen; lived through; forgotten. Turning the fabulous age of 90 deserves a celebration, don't you think? My aunt organized a fantastic party for her and she asked me to make the centerpieces for the tables.

I had a few guidelines to follow-- the centerpieces needed to be small, inexpensive and they needed to coincide with the colors of the party invitation, which were a sage green and lavender.

I came up with very simple centerpieces that were extremely inexpensive. I found some cylinder vases at a dollar store and filled them with some dried split peas (99¢ per bag). I then inserted a single stemmed daisy-like lavender flower into the peas (I found an entire bunch that contained at least 30-35 flowers for only $4.99, from the floral department at Target). Each centerpiece cost about $2.70 to make.

The flower didn't require any floral foam or anything else to hold it up since the peas held it in place. If you need your flowers to last longer, you could insert each stem into one of those water reservoirs and then insert the entire thing into the peas.

I did use a smaller cylinder for half of the centerpieces, however. The dollar store only had 6 and I needed 12... and even after going to three other stores without any luck in finding any, I had to settle for some shorter cylinders. I was worried about how they would look, but I must say, I think I ended up liking them better than the tall ones!

May we all "Believe, Dream and Imagine" a prosperous and enriched life for ourselves as Grandma Addie has had over her 90 years (and then some!).

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MamaDotz said...

Congratulations Grandma Addie, and job well done Michele! The centerpieces looked adorable and they sure were the right price! Happy summer my friend! ~ Vicki