Friday, September 18, 2009

Penny Pinching Tip

Okay, this isn't exactly a recipe or a craft but I feel so guilty by my lack of blog posting lately that I thought I'd throw you all a bone! Sigh.... My kitchen is dusty... school is literally consuming all of my free time but the laundry still must be done! So I'll share my secret that I do every time I buy a box of fabric softener; I cut the sheets in half. Literally. I use a sharp knife and saw right through the stack of sheets. This way, I have twice as many! Half a sheet is still enough to soften the clothes and make them smelly good but I don't burn through the box as quickly this way.

Try it! (But be sure to cut them in half like the photo shows. The first time I tried this, I cut them lengthwise and the "layers" of folds left me with slivered sheets that were way too small and would stick to my pajama pants people's clothing).

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