Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pepperoni Appetizers

My sister threw together a last minute Labor Day BBQ at her house so I decided to try to make something quick and easy to bring along as an appetizer. I thought I was brilliant in coming up with the idea to skew Mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and an olive on a toothpick but when I presented the tray of these cute little kid-friendly apps, my sister proclaimed, "Oh I love those! I've made them before!"


She even went so far as to take it one step further and drizzled Italian dressing over her skewed goods. I'll have to try that next time.... but for now, here is a great, non-original appetizer idea!

I thought they may be yummy with some marinara sauce as a dipper, too!


As easy as it sounds--
- cube some Mozzarella cheese and slide onto a toothpick.
- Roll a slice of pepperoni and skew that on top of the cheese.
- Top with an olive, black or green.
- Apparently drizzling with Italian dressing is yummy, too.

Luckily, even without the Italian dressing, these were gobbled up within about 15 minutes by all of the little kidlets that were running around! Quite a hit with the under 13 crowd!


The Lee's said...

Well, what about figuring out a way to somehow melt the cheese a little. Make it more "pizza'y". I guess it'd be hard to take them after you've melted the cheese b/c it would get cold and be, well, what it already is! lol

I think you're a genius and I'll use this! :)

Harmony said...

Thank you for a great idea! The kids enjoyed these for lunch yesterday.