Tuesday, October 20, 2009

House O Lantern

How cute is this idea from Family Fun Magazine? My sister just sent me an email with this picture of her house; she and my 11 year old niece, Lauren, and 8 year old niece, Delaney, made this tonight!

In the words of my sister, when asked how they made it, "it's a huge piece of cardboard - we cut it down to fit the window - cut out the face - taped some orange tissue paper to the face "pieces" - stuck a lamp in the window and voila!!!!!"

I think it turned out really cute!

Here are the actual instructions from Family Fun magazine:

What you need:

Corrugated cardboard
Pencils or markers
Craft knife
Glue stick
Orange tissue paper
Painter's or masking tape


Measure the inside of an appropriate window and cut corrugated cardboard to fit tightly. Draw a face on the cardboard, then cut out the pieces with a craft knife (a parent's job).

On the interior side of the cardboard, use a glue stick to cover the openings with orange tissue paper.

Set the cardboard in the window and use painter's or masking tape to hold it in place. Place a lamp near the window to light your house-o'-lantern.


Anonymous said...

Very COOL! I have huge pieces of cardboard here, from the new snowblower!

Nancy (tims_mom)

The Lee's said...

Oh we're so doing this!! We have 2 upstairs windows that face our driveway - perfect decorations for company coming down the drive!!
Thanks Michele - I LOVE your blog!