Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marble Target Game

Got an old shoebox lying around your house? Use it to make a target for shooting marbles into! Cut a few holes into the side of a shoe box and assign and label each hole a point value. Set the target at one end of the table and mark a starting line at the other end of the table and see who can get the most points!

If you have any old building blocks also lying around, they make great "barriers" on each side of the box to keep the marbles from rolling off of the table.

Also, keep the shoebox cover for two reasons:
1. It makes a great marble holder for those marbles waiting to be shot.
2. When you aren't playing, you can store everything inside of the shoebox and just place the cover on top and put the entire box neatly away!

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Carrian said...

Your post totally made me laugh! Your cake is beautiful!! I need to make my food look pretty like yours!