Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winter Bird Feeder

Here is an easy craft that even the littlest of kiddo's can help out with... feeding the birds! Wintertime in Minnesota leaves a lot to be desired for the birds so why not help them out with a little treat that they will be thrilled to stumble upon?

All you need is:

A shoestring

Tie a knot into an end of the shoestring. Starting with the un-knotted end, string as many Cheerios as you'd like onto the shoestring, one at a time. Be sure to leave some of the string empty at the end opposite of the knot so that you can tie it around a branch when it has become as long as you'd like it to be (I cut my shoestring in half).

I can't promise that the birds will get to it before the snow or rain gets to it-- but it will be something fun for little ones to watch!

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