Monday, March 24, 2008

Sun Catchers

Winter is lasting f.o.r.e.v.e.r ....we need to brighten it up a bit in here! Today we made sun catchers. Another super easy project that kept little hands busy for a while and gave us the little bit of color that is needed when looking out a window.

What you need:
construction paper (any color)
clear contact paper
tissue paper (assorted colors)
yarn or string
paper punch


Cut any shape you prefer out of a piece of construction paper. Adhere the construction paper to the sticky side of a piece of clear contact paper, making sure the contact paper is larger than the construction paper.

Cut the tissue paper into small pieces-- any shape or size. I found that pieces that were about one inch or so were perfect.

Randomly place the pieces of tissue paper on the contact paper (sticky side up), covering the inside of the shape completely.

Use another sheet of contact paper to cover your tissue papered shape (tissue papered? Is that a word?), sticky side to sticky side.

Cut around the outside of the construction paper to clean up the edges of overlapped contact paper.

Use a paper punch to make a hole in the top and hang with yarn or string.


Mama Dotz said...

That is so funny, I was just over at school today keeping a friend company in our parent/teacher resource center while she cut out crosses for a teacher and thought to myself "These would make beautiful suncatchers! I should have the kids make some!" and here you are with your clever idea all broken down and with a pretty shape, too. I like the idea of using the sticky contact paper, too. Makes it a bit easier than all the glue. Your wonderful Michele. Thanks for the info, tidbits, and fun reading. I'll keep checking know me!!

Hope your little taste of sunshine has you all warm and happy ~ Vicki

Tracy said...

I love that I can get on here and get all these great ideas - instead of calling you up to ask for ideas and you telling me "oh, it's so easy, you just do this and this and this, blah, blah, blah" and me sitting there wondering what the heck to do!! Especially since I did not inherit one single creative gene! Love you!!