Monday, September 22, 2008

Cozy Tie Fleece Blanket

I've made lots of these blankets-- I love to give them as a gift to a new Mom to use with her new baby. I think they make the *perfect* ground cover for a little one to lay on while playing with his or her toys. Of course, they can use them to snuggle up with as they get bigger, too.

They are so easy to make-- you can literally make one in about 20-30 minutes. And they are very forgiving... if you make a cut too wide or too short or just plain messy, it's okay! It'll easily be hidden when it's all knotted up and finished. I promise.

What you need:

Sharp scissors
2 different patterns of fleece (for a baby, I use 1.5 yards of each)

What you do:

1. Clear enough room on the floor or on a table/counter so the pieces of fabric can lie flat. Allow enough space on all sides so there is room to maneuver.

2. Lay one piece of fabric on your work surface, with the softer side facing down.

3. Lay the second piece of fabric directly on top of the first piece with the softer side facing up.

4. Flatten or smooth out the fabric so there are no wrinkles or folds.

5. If necessary, trim the pieces of fabric so they are the same length and width.

As you can see, your edges don't need to be perfectly straight, but you will want them to not be obviously off.

6. Cut a 4-inch by 4-inch square from each of the four corners of your fabric.

7. Beginning at one corner, move over 1 inch and make another 4-inch long cut going up. This is where you begin to make the strips of fabric that will make the ties of the blanket.

8. Continue making cuts, 4-inches up, all the way along one side. I usually just place a yard stick along the fabric so I know how high up to cut and it also shows me where my 1-inch marks are.

9. Take both layers from the first strip of fabric that was cut and tie them together in a double-knot.

10. Continue knotting all of your fabric strips until you reach the corner.

11. Follow these instructions to do all four sides of the blanket. When you complete your fourth side, you are finished.

*** Some people like to do all the cuts on all four sides before beginning to tie. I prefer to do the sides one at a time, but there is not a right or wrong way. Whatever works for you. ***


Rebecca said...

That fleece is adorable!!

D said...

I love these! I make them every Christmas for gifts for my Secret Sisters. Easy, inexpensive but very personal and a gift of love.

~brianna~ said...

AHA! A craft I can do! :) Great blog :)