Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall Place Mats

The leaves are changing colors on the trees! What a perfect time to make a personalized Fall place mat for your littles! We made these last year and the leaf colors aren't as vibrant as they had been when we first made them. We may have to sneak out and grab some new leaves and make another set this year.

What you need:

Leaves-- any shape, size or color
Large sheet of construction paper
Photo of child
Glue stick
Clear contact paper

What you do:

Collect leaves with your child. You may want to press the leaves in between the pages of a heavy book over night if they are curled on the edges.

Glue photo of child to the construction paper. I glued ours to a piece of solid white paper first, so that it was matted and stood out a bit.

Arrange the leaves on the construction paper in any manner you wish to do.

When they are arranged to your liking, use a dab of glue to hold it in place.

Carefully cover the entire sheet of construction paper with a piece of clear contact paper, pressing out any air bubbles.

Cover the backside with contact paper as well.

Trim the edges of the place mat with a scissors and then enjoy using it daily!

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