Monday, September 8, 2008

Sleeping Mask

I attempted to make a sleep mask. It has potential, but I'm going to have to try it again because mine somehow ended up resembling a sanitary napkin more than a sleep mask, lol. The concept is there... now I just need to iron out some kinks. Or maybe I should just use a glue gun instead of sewing it? I took from these instructions but instead of gluing, I sewed mine with the right-sides together and then turned it out the right way. This is probably where I messed up because I lost a lot of the size in the seam. I'll have to make my next one bigger.

What you need:

Paper (for template)
Fabric (one or two different patterns)
Felt or cotton batting
Elastic (whatever color and thickness you have handy)
Sewing machine

What you do:

1. Print and cut out this template.

2. Trace the template on both the fabric you are going to use for the front and for the back of your mask.

3. Trace the template also on your batting or felt.

4. Cut out all three of the mask shapes you just traced.

5. Pin the three layers together, right sides of the front and back pieces together, with the batting on the back side of the front piece. (Clear as mud? See photo)

6. Mark where you want the elastic strap to connect.

7. Sew around the edge of the entire mask, leaving an opening on the sides for the elastic and an opening on top so that you can flip it the right way.

8. Turn your mask right side out.

9. Fit the elastic to your head and insert the elastic into the openings of the mask and pin opening closed. Top stitch close to the outer edge of the entire mask, also closing the top gap.

10. That's it!

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