Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pin the What On the What?

I made a spin-off of the traditional game of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" for my daughters 10th birthday party. The girls played "Pin the Earring on the Emily" instead! I blew up a photo of her to be poster sized and we used an earring with some tape. It was a blast and the girls got a kick out of seeing the different places Emily was pierced. (Check out the one that pierced her eyebrow!)

What you need:

A poster size photo of your child (I made ours at Walmart... under $10 and it only takes 1 hour)
An earring or a makeshift earring
Post-It notes

Hang the poster on a wall or other flat surface.

Blindfold the player and hand them the earring with a piece of tape adhered to it.

Spin the player 5 times.

The player should then stick the earring to the poster, in a spot that they think is close to the ear.

(here's the eyebrow piercing, hehe)

I then ripped off a teeny tiny piece of the sticky part a Post-It note and marked where each player hit on the poster target.

Whoever is closest to the ear, gets a prize!


tims_mom said...

You are so like the coolest Mom ever! I hope your kids always realize that!!


Anonymous said...

Great idea for the preteen BD parties. I love looking at all your neat ideas. I use them both at home and school. Thanks