Thursday, October 9, 2008

Candy Corn Clay Pot

I painted an ordinary clay pot to resemble a piece of candy corn and then just painted a cute little face on it and filled the pot with candy corn. What a perfect little gift to give to that special someone!

What you need:

Clay pot
acrylic paints in candy corn colors
Foam brush
Black paint marker
Sealant (acrylic or poly)

What you do:

1. I painted the entire pot white to begin with, inside and out. It gives it a nice primer and also you need to have white at the skinny end of the candy corn. I painted several coats on, allowing to dry in between.

2. Paint the middle section orange. Again, it will take several coats to be even and dark.

3. Paint the top of the pot and the inside of the pot yellow. Several coats again. ;)

4. I mixed a little bit of orange and white paint and used the Q-tip to paint on little cheeks and used another Q-tip to paint a yellow nose.

5. Use the paint markers to draw eyes and a mouth on your cute little candy corn guy.

6. Either spray or brush on a clear coat (poly or acrylic) to seal the paint.

7. Fill with yummy candy corn treats (mine is wrapped in plastic wrap) and give to a favorite friend.


tims_mom said...

cute idea!

May I suggest spraypainting, for the base coat, and for those of us with shaky hands....(okay, ME), you can use painters tape, to keep your lines even.

Miss you!!

Candy said...

Oh, that is sooo cute! I love your blog!