Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Candle Wax Fortune Telling

See what the New Year has in store for you with a different take on fortune telling. Chop up a birthday candle and melt the pieces in a spoon over a flame.

Quickly pour the melted wax into a glass of ice cold water.

When the wax has cooled and hardened, remove it from the water. The shape of the hardened wax will foretell your future! What a fun activity to do at your New Year's Eve get-together.

I saw three different things in my wax shape.

1. A whale?
(WikiAnswers says whales are often seen to represent creativity and intuition in many Native American cultures. They can also symbolize death and rebirth, a regenerative cycle. They are viewed as being gentle, highly intelligent, and socially advanced)

2. A cat?
(Wiki says cats are known for their independence. They are often known as a symbol of meditation, mystery, and wisdom, such as in Good Fortune. Lastly, cats symbolize love. There is a myth that says black cats symbolize bad luck, and are the favorite pets of the witches. )(thank goodness I don't have a cat!)

3. A man's face?
My husband may not like this one.... unless some man is out there and going to leave me in his will... then he may be okay with it!

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