Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Coffee Filter Fish

This is another activity your kids can do that is very similar to the Coffee Filter Butterfly Magnets. Follow the same simple steps in preparing the coffee filter.

What you need:
1 round coffee filter
Spray bottle with water
Googly eyes
Elmer's glue
scrap paper


Flatten the coffee filter as much as possible.

Using the markers, sporadically color the coffee filter until it is mostly covered.

Place your colored coffee filter on either an old towel or a cooling rack with a towel or paper towel under it. Use the spray bottle to mist water all over the filter, soaking it. (You don't want the water to pool on the filter... just get it completely wet.)

The colors will soften and bleed together. Allow to dry completely, about an hour. (To speed this process, you can use a hairdryer to help it along).

Cut out a fish shape out of a scrap piece of paper (or resize and print this fish pattern) and trace onto your dried coffee filter. Cut out shape.

Decorate the fish with glue, glitter and googly eyes and any other artsy supplies you have laying around.

These would be a cute gift for a grandpa or a dad for Father's Day!

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