Sunday, April 20, 2008

It's amazing what a little coat of paint will do

This isn't a recipe or not really even a craft, but we all know that the way to make a cheap change to a room is to paint it. Well, the same goes for furniture. Some people would never dare paint wood furniture, but I think for a little boy, painted furniture fits perfectly in his little boy room.

Here is a cheap desk we picked up from Craigslist- it didn't really match his furniture which is more of a blond wood:

I removed the hardware and sanded it and then used about 4 cans of spray paint to coat the desk. My husband used his paint gun to put a clear coat over it, but you could also use a clear Polyurethane.

And here it is now, painted dark blue:

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MamaDotz said...

Dear Michele,
I have a friend/coworker who would LOVE to be a part of your blog family. What does she need to do to get to view your blog?!?!? Any special address or invite she needs? Thanks for letting me know. Your site is AWESOME and I talk about it at work and she is really interested in your food ideas!! Take care and enjoy the sun....~Vicki