Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Homemade Scratch Pads

My daughter comes home from school everyday with at least 6-7 worksheets that are only printed on one side. It surprises me how much paper is wasted by her school. I've been saving the worksheets to use as scrap paper and in the months of January, February and March alone, I had a stack of one sided worksheets that was equal to a full ream of office paper.

Sometimes I'll make homemade scratch pads out of the worksheets. I know I could easily just keep the full sized worksheets in a pile and use it as individual pieces scratch paper- but let's face it... it's way more fun to write on a little scratch pad than a single sheet of paper (or maybe it's the satisfying sound it makes when you rip the sheet off of the scratch pad?)

Either way, here's how you can make your own recycled scratch pads:

What you need:

25 sheets of paper (worksheets, junk mail, etc. Anything that has print on only one side)
Elmer's glue
Paint brush (optional... your finger works well, too)
2-3 clothespins
Paper cutter (a pair of scissors will work, too)

*25 sheets of paper will give you two separate note pads*

Quarter the 25 sheets of paper with the paper cutter.

Combine 2 of the quarters together to make 2 separate stacks of 50. Make sure all of the sheets have the blank side facing up.

Stack and tap the sheets carefully and several times, creating a compacted, neat stack.

Use two of the clothespins near an end to keep the stack tight and together.

Use either the paintbrush or your finger to apply glue to the edge of one end of the stack. Repeat with 2-3 more coats of glue, waiting a few minutes in between each coat.

Place a third clothespin in the center to keep the edge stacked together evenly.

Rest the stack of paper so that the glued edge is slightly elevated and allow to dry overnight.

Repeat this process with the other stack of 50 sheets.

The next day, remove the clothespins.

These make great little gifts for teachers and coworkers!

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Irina said...

Love this one! Will try it out soon.