Thursday, May 1, 2008

May Basket

By the time I get this posted, May Day will be almost over... but maybe you can make one next year? Or for a special mom or Grandma on Mother's Day. These are simple little baskets I made with supplies that most people have on hand. It literally took minutes to make-- but sure made little eyes widen and mouths smile at my house today. Almost as much as mine did as I watched them sneak it onto a neighbor's doorknob.

(I've also added some links to other crafts that could work as May Baskets at the bottom of this page.)

What you need:

Tissue paper, assorted colors
Drinking straws
1 piece of cardstock or paper

What you do:

To make the flowers:

1. Cut a piece of tissue paper to be about 9x12 (or so...give or take).

2. Fold the piece of tissue paper in half, long sides together. Open it out and cut along the fold.

3. Fold one of the pieces in half, long sides together together. You don't need the other piece (but can use it for another flower).

4. Fold the paper in half, with the short sides together this time. Then fold it in half again.

5. Make lots of long cuts from the top edge (not the creased edge). Cut through all of the layers of paper, but don't cut all the way up to the top.

6. Open out the paper carefully. Lay it flat with the cut edge at the top.

7. Tape one end onto a straw. Then roll the paper tightly around the straw.

8. Fasten the loose end with tape. Pull down all the cut ends to make petals.

To make the cone:

1. Using card stock, draw a curved line on the cardstock as shown in this photo:

2. Roll into a cone shape and use glue to seal.

3. Glue or tape a ribbon handle onto the cone.

4. Embellish the cone with paper flowers and curly ribbons fastened to straws and attach "Happy May Day" message.

Leave the May Day Cone Basket on a special someones front door to brighten their Spring Day!

Some other options for the actual basket could be to use any of these:
Tissue Box Basket

Homemade Gift Bag

Recycled Magazine Bowl

Cookie Bouquet

Gift Bags Made From Envelopes

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MamaDotz said...

Hi Michele! Happy belated May Day, by only one day though. I was SO hoping to be on the receiving end of one of your MAY DAY BASKETS!! I was talking about them over at work today, and someone gave me a good idea, and I did it, but YOU didn't come by and get YOUR surprise! BUMMER!!! Maybe next year, perhaps! Hope your enjoying (hahahaha) this wonderful weather. I'm truly enjoying your blog, my dear! What a sunshiney part of my daily routine.