Monday, July 14, 2008

Homemade Bookmarks

My kids and I made super easy bookmarks tonight. I found the directions here.I didn't have elastic on hand, so I used a few of my daughters elastic headbands. This way, they are color coordinated, too!

What you need:
Thin cardboard, like a cereal box
Glue or double-stick tape
Decorative paper (even kids artwork!)
Flat elastic, whatever width you prefer
An exacto knife

What you do:

1. First, print out this template

2. Glue the template to the cereal box.

3. Cut along the outer edges of the template to get rid of all of the white extra. Turn cardboard over and glue the decorative paper to the other side.

4. Use your scissors to cut along the solid lines of each bookmark.

5. Use an exacto knife to cut the center hole out.

6. Use a blunt object to crease and make a clean fold on the center dotted line of the book mark (I used a credit card).

7. Thread a piece of elastic through the center hole. Mine was about 14 inches long.

8. Glue both ends of the elastic to the inside of the bookmark. I used Super Glue.

9. Place a couple pieces of tape over the glued elastic to make sure it is secure.

10. Cover one side of the inside of the bookmark completely with glue.

11. Seal the two sides together and place under a stack of heavy books to dry. I let mine dry overnight. I also clipped a clothespin on each side at the top, where the elastic comes out.... just to make sure the cardboard stayed secured.

I think these would be fun to make with holiday themed papers and to give as gifts to teachers and grandparents and sisters and friends and... so on and so on....

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