Thursday, July 17, 2008

Money Pants...

My friend Julie found some instructions for making Dollar Bill Pants, to go along with the Dollar Bill Shirt that I made earlier this month. I think these are so cute and can hardly wait to give someone a birthday card with a note that says, "We got you some clothes for your birthday" and have the shirt and pants wrapped up in a gift box! I suppose I'll have to use larger bills if it's a birthday gift, hehe...

What you do:

1. Fold the dollar bill in half and press at the seam to crease.

2. Unfold and then fold in the two sides to meet at the line left from the crease in step 1. Press the folded edges firmly to create nice creases.

3. Fold the folded bill in half, lengthwise. Press the fold to make another firm crease.

4. Fold down the top two corners (on the fold) to meet in the center, pressing to crease.

5. Unfold those small folds. Starting on one side, invert the fold you just made so that it's tucked into the dollar. The picture below is sort of blurry, and I realize I need to take that polish off my nails, but hopefully you get the idea from the photo.

Repeat on the other side.

6. Turn your bill so that the point is facing down and the two flaps are at the top. Fold one flap down.

7. Turn it around and fold the other flap down. You are basically making that point you made in step 5 be on the inside of the dollar. It will look like this:

8. Your last step is to open up the fold that you just made-- as if you were opening a book. Press the creases.

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