Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Newspaper Hut

I saw these instructions on how to make a Newspaper Hut and thought it looked easy enough and knew that my kids would love it! Boy was I right! I've been waiting for the right day to make this, thinking it would take a long time. It really didn't... the rolling took the longest and I probably got all 25 rolls done in about 20 minutes (and that was with me stopping to do something a few times, too).
Putting it all together was a breeze, too... but you definitely need some little hands to help! (or big ones...) The key is just having a couple extra hands... mine just happened to be little extra hands.

What you need:

Lots of newspaper
A stapler
A pencil

What you do:

1. Lay 4 sheets of newspaper on top of each other. Place the pencil in the corner and roll the 4 sheets diagonally to make a tube. I pulled the pencil out as soon as I got a few turns over and just continued rolling from there.

2. Tape the middle and let pencil slide out of tube, if you didn't remove it while rolling.

3. Repeat 25 times. The 25 tubes should be close to the same length.

4. Take 3 tubes and make a triangle and staple at each corner. Repeat until you have 5 triangles. I stapled mine about three times at each joint and you may also want to fold the edge over before stapling, to make it a bit less thin and have a little more girth to it.

5. Connect the triangles in a long line and then staple together, again, using several staples at each joint and building up the joints by folding it first if you need to.

6. Use individual tubes across the top and staple those to the triangles.

7. Here is where my little helpers came into place.... Stand the triangles up and staple the two ends together. Add a tube to the last top spot.

8. Use the 5 remaining tubes to make a star stapled in the middle.

9. This is your rooftop. Staple into place.

Enjoy! You can play in it as is, or throw a sheet over the top for privacy! I foresee us doing both!

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Sheri said...

omg - that is so neat! I am going to make this with Hannah. Fun!